The Tubular Vortex System  FT-107A

The Tubular Vortex System FT-107A

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Feature: The product gently enters into a piping system by flowing water without passing through a pump.To achieve germ reduction, prolongate shelf life of fresh-cut product and improve the quality of product.Chemicals/sa…

Roller Peeler  FT-106A

Roller Peeler FT-106A

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Feature: Applicable to root, tubers vegetables peeling.Equipped with 4 peeling rollers that are coated with carborundum type or soft brush type or mixed type. (Optional)Equipped with top-water spraying function for washin…

Universal Vegetable Washer  FT-103B

Universal Vegetable Washer FT-103B

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Feature: It is a versatile washer with a hygienic, safe and fast washing function.The washing cycle with excellent results is completed in 5 minutes.The tank will re-lift up and automatically pour out the products for a n…