mmWave Child Presence Detection ( CPD )

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  • mmWave CPD utilizes radar technology on realizing compact, accurate and efficient CPD design for easy integration.
  • CPD emits 60 Ghz radio signals and interprets signal reflections to provide accurate presence detection of child and adult & passenger localization.
  • CPD is able to differentiate between living object and in-animated object to avoid false alarm by detecting the slightest motions of an occupant.
  • With high sensitivity and wide FoV (Field of View), it can detect sleeping babies in car seats and provide wide coverage up to 2 row-seats includes foot-well.
  • Designed with high accuracy & short response time (<10s), CPD is fully compliant with Euro NCAP Child Presence Detection standards.
  • Prototype PCBA size is 92mm x 49mm